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Accidental Death

Do You Have Questions About an Accidental Death?Accident Attorneys San Diego Auto

Nearly 3,000 people are killed in traffic accidents on California roadways each year.

Every one of those victims left behind loved ones who cared about them. Many may have left behind a spouse and children who were financially dependent on them. While continuing to mourn the loss of their loved ones, their families are facing an uncertain future.

Losing someone you love, regardless of how your loved one died, is never easy. But when their loss was an accidental death caused by someone else's negligence, it can make the loss even more difficult to comprehend. It also can create a sudden hardship for a family who has to plan a funeral while trying to be actively involved with any criminal charges and accidental death settlements that may follow in the weeks or even years ahead.

What do you do if a loved one is a victim of accidental death?

You will need many copies of your loved one's death certificate in order to do everything from accessing bank accounts to canceling cell phone services or gym memberships.

If your spouse or family member dies, you'll need to find out where his or her important papers are located to find out if there are any life insurance policies. Many people keep these important documents in a home safe, a filing cabinet or in a safety deposit box at a local bank or credit union. If you know your spouse or family member did own a policy but you can't find it, look through bank statements to see if checks were written out to a specific insurance agency and try to contact the insurance agent. Life insurance polices are not paid automatically so you'll need to do some research if the information isn't readily available.

Your loved one also may have a life insurance policy through an employer or a group policy through a bank or a professional organization. An accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy provides a pay out to you if you lose a limb or to your beneficiaries if you suffer an accidental death. There are exclusions so you will need to read your loved one's policy. There also are travel, credit and mortgage insurance policies that your loved one may hold.

It is up to you, if you are a beneficiary, to notify the insurance company or agent in order to file an accidental death claim. If there are any other beneficiaries, they also must sign the claim form. You'll also have to fill out IRS Form W-9, which allows the insurance company to notify the IRS that it has paid the claim.

An accidental death claim can take a shorter amount of time if your paperwork is filled out properly. You will need to also submit a death certificate.

The insurance company can contest or even deny the claim for up to two years after an accidental death if they believe there has been fraud committed or incorrect information provided on the insurance application.

You could receive the life insurance proceeds as a large cash payment or as a settlement, which may have other options for disbursement.

If you believe your accidental death claim is not being handled properly by the insurance company or feel you are being given an unfair settlement, contact King Aminpour & Associates to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. Let us take care of the legalities involved with your accidental death claim while you focus on healing after losing someone you love.


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