Spinal Cord Injury

When you are a victim of a traffic-related accident, you may end up with burns, bruises, broken bones and countless months of healing.

 While many of those physical injuries may heal, a spinal cord injury changes your life forever. It can mean facing a life of paralysis, the severity depending on where you suffered the spinal cord injury.

It can be devastating for anyone to learn that they will never walk again, but can be especially tragic when the victim is young. 

This is why it is critical that medical personnel who respond to the scene of a vehicle accident first immobilize a victim’s spine in case there is a broken back. When you immobilize the spine immediately, it can prevent a spinal cord injury or further damage. Once the spine is immobilized make sure you immediately follow up at the closest Emergency Room for further evaluation.

Living with spinal cord injury means you will need to undergo months of rehabilitation, along with immediate changes in your home environment and workplace to accommodate a wheelchair. 

While most spinal cord injuries are the result of vehicle accidents, they also can occur as a result of falls, violent acts and participating in sports.

After the swelling and bleeding subsides around the spinal cord, doctors can then find out if the spinal cord has been permanently damaged. There can be no way for any medical professionals to know how much sensation will be regained after the spinal column begins to heal.

What to do if you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury…

It can be both physically and emotionally difficult when you are facing life with a spinal cord injury. You might feel your life has ended, but understand that is not the case. Your life has permanently been altered because of your spinal cord injury, but with help and adjustments, you can regain a level of independence and achieve many of the goals you had before the accident.

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