Bus Accidents

When you send your child off on the school bus each morning, the last thing you may be worried about is your child’s safety on the bus. 
School bus drivers work hard to make sure children travel to and from school safely each school day. Sadly, bus accidents can and do occur on California highways.

The impact of a bus accident can be emotionally, physically and financially devastating, not only for bus accident victims, but also their family members. 

In 2010, eight people were killed and 341 people were injured in school bus accidents alone in California, according to the California Highway Patrol. That same year, 27 people were killed and 1,328 people were injured in other types of bus accidents. 

There are many reasons why a bus accident may occur.

The majority of bus accidents involve poor bus maintenance, lack of bus driver training, poor weather conditions and negligence or reckless driving on behalf of the bus driver or another driver. The passengers on a bus are often the powerless victims.

School buses are most often filled with children and on the road between 7-8 a.m. and 3-4 p.m., critical morning and afternoon rush times when many highways are already congested with other vehicles. 

If you’ve been injured, or your child has been injured or killed in a school bus accident or other form of bus accident, it’s imperative you protect your legal rights and any options you may have in a personal injury or wrongful death case.

What to do if you need a bus accident attorney …

If you or a loved one has survived a serious bus accident, you’re likely facing mounting medical bills, lost wages and a lengthy physical and emotional recovery. It’s important to contact a reputable bus accident attorney right away to evaluate whether you have a viable case.

Any attorney you hire should be knowledgeable and have experience with bus accident claims. This is something you will need to ask any prospective legal counsel when you meet with them. There are many specific regulations related to all forms of buses, from school buses to Greyhounds, church buses, tour buses and other forms of public transportation.

A law firm, such as King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer, has attorneys specialized in these types of cases who understand the technical and legal aspects involved in a bus accident and how they may apply to your case.