IP Based SERP's

Google relies heavily on location services, meaning that your search results will generally reflect the location settings on the device you are using. If you search “car accident lawyer,” the first listing returned will likely be a car accident lawyer close to you. This can be a benefit for local businesses who are only seeking customers in close proximity.

Ranking Report King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer

Google Business Page Analytics

We got total 4,213 searches on our Google Business Page in last week.
We are getting Google Business Listing traffic in 2 source 1. Listing on search = 990 2. Listing on maps = 514
Our customer action on our Google Business Listing 1. Website visitor = 37 2. Request direction = 24 3. Call you = 15
Visitor driving directions requests is 34

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Our last 30 days Avvo Analytics is 792

BBB Analytics

Our last year BBB Analytics is 5,653

Yelp Analytics

We got last month 119 views and 14 customer leader on Yelp Analytics

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