Need a Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego, CA


Are you in need of a car accident lawyer in San Diego, CA? King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer is a leading Car Accident Lawyer firm and can help you navigate the legal system and get the settlement you deserve. When it comes to choosing a car accident attorney, there are many factors to consider.

  • Will your car accident lawyer work on contingency? (meaning they do not get paid until you do)
  • Does your car accident attorney have relationships with top medical professionals that they can refer you to?
  • Does the firm have several car accident lawyers available, with experience and expertise in car accidents and personal injury lawsuits?
  • Is your car accident lawyer experienced with car accident cases in San Diego, CA?
  • Does your car accident lawyer care about the outcome of your recovery?

Here at King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer, our car accident lawyers treat each of our clients like members of our own personal legal family. We are available to answer any questions that you have, and will even help you get referrals if you are looking for medical professionals, or rehabilitation. We believe that our job does not end with just winning your case. We also want to see you restored to the level of health and wellbeing that you experienced prior to your car accident. That is why we make the process easy for you: let us take care of the legal issues and you worry about getting better.

Working on contingency, the car accident lawyers at King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer are able to take away the stress of coming up with large sums of money for legal retainers and out of pocket fees. We know that you are already dealing with stress from your car accident, so we try to make your life easier by dealing with all the issues surrounding your settlement.

Even if your personal injuries are not severe, it can be frustrating and time consuming trying to deal with the insurance companies when it comes to getting your medical bills paid, or getting your car repaired. Even if the car insurance company offers you a settlement it will likely not be in an amount commensurate with the loss of money you will have experienced. Your car accident attorneywill work on getting you not only medical bills paid, but your car repaired, money for time off from work, and pain and suffering for applicable cases.

Having a car accident attorney on your side is a great way to ensure that you get the best settlement in your situation. Since there is no out of pocket cost for you, it is easy to see why the car accident lawyers at King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer are a great choice.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you need a car accident lawyer in San Diego, CA please feel free to contact our car accident lawyers for a no-obligation consultation. One of our car accident lawyers is standing by to speak with you about your case. We can let you know whether or not we are able to help you settle your case, and we are even available to take calls after hours. Please give us a call today: 619-333-3333

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