The Insurance Company Offered Me A Settlement For My Car Accident


I was just involved in an accident and the insurance company offered me $1,000 with the promise what they would pay for a few treatments with a chiropractor. Should I accept their offer?

Insurance companies will go to extreme lengths to deny your car accident or personal injury claim or offer minimal financial settlements in exchange for the victim signing a full and final release of liability. The truth is simple: Insurance companies make millions of dollars every year by training their employees to underpay on injury claims. Their job is to reduce their financial exposure. If they are offering you any amount of money, it is likely because they think your claim is worth more than what they are offering. Never sign anything from the insurance company without seeking counsel from an experienced car accident attorney. It is likely your claim is worth thousands of dollars more than what is being offered. Do not let the insurance companies manipulate the situation to their advantage.

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